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Flight of the Flylord

I wonder why those flies do fly
And what it's like up in the sky.
Alas to this I ought not know
And keep my feet on the ground low

But fate would be that I would find
Myself and the flies forever entwined.
Read on for now, but thus be known
This tale is true, as will be shown.

The wind in my hair, I gripped my sword
Swiftwind its name, denoting me lord.
The horses did grant me this gift
For my part in closing a rift.

As I ran, I soon did find
Myself in a city of my own kind.
Traveling the way that horses do
I missed many cities, as I flew.

And yet I stopped, I know not why
I should have just passed it by.
But something tugged at my heart
And made my run fall apart.

I wandered the streets and bought a cake
The taste was so good it made me ache!
But there was too much and I had to stop
And I threw it in a cap, with a flop.

But from this can did forth fly
A swarm that blotted out the sky
I froze in shock as their buzz did roar
And in my ear the noise did bore.

Yet the buzz turned to chatter
And soon my mind began to shatter.
Voices in legion voiced in my brain
I tried to contain it, but it was in vain.

I screamed in pain and pressed my head
And almost wished that I was dead.
And yet in moments I could see
That the voices were a part of me

"Who is this…why are you here?"
I screamed aloud, mostly in fear
The buzz changed and the voices cried,
"We are legion and to you we flied."

"Legion, what..what do you mean?"
I had to cry while seeing green.
"We are the flies and you are man."
"We come to invite you to our clan."

I stared in horror and could not speak
"Have to hold it together, DO NOT FREAK."
I took a breath and collected my thoughts
And thought of Kittens, lots and lots.

"Okay." I said, "Is that what you seek?"
The voices replied and were not meek.
Seeing no choice I raised my hand high
And gave it to the swarm of fly.

The swarm descended and absorbed my hand
And upon my skin I could feel a brand.
They soon covered my arm, hand and all
And then they stopped and began to fall

In horror I realized the voices did subside
Just like the flies, which had now died
But on my hand there did sit
A brand of a fly which was dimly lit

I touched the brand and my eyes did roll
Inside my head I saw it whole.
Every fly was connected to me
I saw their wingbeats in harmony

These flies that sacrificed it all
Gave me the power to stand tall
The brand, the power, the unlimited horde
All pointed to me as the Flylord.

I felt their lives and deaths
As if it was one of my own breaths
With this power I also felt their pain
And in this city it was very plain.

One site in particular the death was bad
I felt it all and became mad.
I drew my sword and yet I knew
I could not get there with only my feet in two.

I tried to summon a wind to run
But the city set the wind in stun
I could not help my new minions
Unless I could fly, upon black pinions…

At this time I did notice
That the flies had formed a lotus
And from this lotus did their rise
A cloak that appeared to be made of flies.

Warily I donned the cloak
And could feel the power inside the choke.
I spread the cloak open wide
And leaped high with a glide.

I was flying! This surely could not be?
And here I was, above the city.
I flew to where the pain was great
And landed hard enough to break a plate.

Here I saw the cause of pain
Sat a building near a drain
Its purpose was clear it was to kill
All my minions for a thrill

I opened the door with Swiftwind easily
And found the controls like a bee
From there I slashed and destroyed the machine
To end the terror and make it clean.

Immediately my charges did cry
Their thanks across the starlit sky.
I stood right there, my head held high
And felt a pride as I began to cry.

I did not stay in that city long
A few days left my minions strong.
I took my cloak and brand as well
And left to walk the world and dwell.

Anytime I needed to talk to flies
I touched the brand, it never lies
But for now I return to my treks
And await which species I will rule next.
Ah, my second dominion, the flies. I decided since it wasn't as epic a dominion that I'd write a poem instead of a story. So, go ahead, read the Flight of the Flylord!
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